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<languages/> <translate> Spiritual Realization (or just Realization, with a capital "R") occurs when the Bodily Ego recognizes and becomes fully aware of (i.e. it realizes) its Self / Source /Divinity. Realization occurs when we become aware of our identity as God with a little "g" (Sosteric, BOL).

Realization may be conceptualized as a process of Awakening, Activation, and Ascension. We awaken to our identity, we embrace the full potential and power of our incarnated experience, and we ascend towards total identification and expression of our inner divinity.

Realization is the goal and end point of healthy Development.

Realization is the goal and end point of Authentic Spirituality.


Realization occurs when the Physical Unit Connects either with its own Resident Monadic Consciousness or some other "node" in the Fabric of Consciousness

Ideally, realization occurs gradually and naturally as a consequence of a Healthy Socialization process. On this planet, and in the interests of private accumulation (RSGME), realization is intentionally preempted/prevented by Toxic Socialization which corrupts our understanding and damages the ability of the Physical Unit to contain consciousness.

Once a physical unit is disconnected as a result of toxic socialization, Realization typically occurs in fits and starts as the physical unit attempts reconnection through various forms of spiritual practice. Owing to the sorry state of most spiritual traditions, reconnection typically never occurs.

Connection Experiences may bring moments of realization; however, without a proper theoretical and conceptual grounding, realizations often fade and/or are submerged into the constructed realities of the "normal" world.

Syncretic Terms

Sadhana/सधन - Sanskrit for realization

Further Reading

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