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New Energy is a Lightning Path phrase used to describe energy that is balanced (equal yang/force and yin/formation). That is, new energy is both outgoing/generative and receptive/formative, in equal amounts.


New energy is dramatically different, and much more powerful, than Old Energy. Old Energy is imbalanced, violent, implosive, aggressive, depressing, destructive and explosive. New energy is balanced, gentle, expansive, uplifting, generative, inclusive, and (over the long term) indomitable.

New energy, like Old Energy, is generated by Energy Workers. New energy is generated by energy workers who have rejected Old Energy Archetypes from the Old Book) and replaced with New Energy Archetypes (see the Halo/Sharp Tarot for an implementation of New Energy archetypes). New energy is created with a new, post-ascension, Creation Template

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