Old World

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The Old World is the social, political, economic and psychological world of slavery, duality, war, profit, oppression, illusion, delusion and pathology that has been the reality of this world for many thousands of years. See also The System and Regime of Accumulation

Syncretic Terms

Regime of Accumulation > Mode of Exploitation, Mode of Production, Old World, The Machine, The Matrix, The Wheel

Related LP Terms

Regime of Accumulation > Accumulating Class, Accumulation, Authoritarian Monotheism, Baker's Story, Creation Template, Dark Continent, Elite Religion, Elite Spirituality, European Grand Narrative, Great Deception, Regime of Distribution, Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy, Slave Class, System Agent, System Architect, System Maintenance

Non-LP Related Terms

Regime of Accumulation > Economic Class, Exploitation, Ideology, Karl Marx, Labour Value, Maya, Money, Neurodecolonization, Proletariat, The Pyramid


It is important to note that the old world is not a "natural" world in the sense that it is outcome of natural selection or cosmic prerogative. Rather, the old world (like all worlds) is a designed world. It is the result of a conscious application of creative principles and techniques developed, arrayed, and aligned for specific purposes. In the case of the Old World, that purpose is aggrandizement of a few, and global enslavement for the rest.

The following videos provide an explanation of the Old World/System/Regime of Accumulation,