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“Maya,” is the Sanskrit word for fraud, especially fraud perpetrated by sorcery, deceitful tricks and the invocation of supernatural power. On the Lightning Path, Maya refers to spiritual, emotional, and psychological fraud designed to disconnect a Physical Unit from its own Resident Monadic Self (a.k.a. Highest Self).

Syncretic Terms

Great Deception > Maya

Related Terms

Great Deception, System Agent


Check the [Sanskrit Dictionary].

On the Lightning Path, the "Great Deception" is known as mahamaya.

According to the Wikipedia, "Maya is a closely related concept to Mithyatva, with Maya a source of wrong information while Mithyatva an individual's attitude to knowledge, with relational overlap."

Certainly, illusion, delusion, distraction, and confusion are part of that fraud, but maya refers to the fraud itself, and not the psychological/emotional/spiritual consequences thereof. In Sanskrit, the word for self-delusion is atmavajcana

Maya as misperception

Maya is also the perception that you, and by “you” I mean your Bodily Ego, have of the material world when uniformed by a strong connection to Consciousness. Maya is a perception of the physical world that is empty of Consciousness, empty of awareness of the true nature and purpose of Creation, and as a consequence likely corrupted by misapprehension, misperception, and misunderstanding. Maya is the misapprehension of the true nature of reality on this Earth.

Maya as Self Delusion

Maya (misapprehension, misunderstanding) arises because Toxic Socialization breaks the nascent connection to consciousness we enjoy as infants and young children, and System Agents subsequently fill our heads with various forms of spiritual, economic, psychological, and scientific nonsense. Since we are disconnected from Consciousness we have no resistance. Consequently, we easily believe even the most absurd representations of reality, like for example we are merely an evolving bipedal ape, or that we're incarnated to learn our lessons like good little children.

Intentional Misdirection / the illusion of presentability

Maya as Ideology

Maya as delusionary concept