System Agent

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A System Agent is an individual who works, either unconsciously or consciously, and with more or less clarity, to maintain and expand the extant Regime of Accumulation (i.e. The System).[1]

System Agent Types

System Agents > Agents of Socialization, System Enforcer

There are three types of System Agents:

Agents of Socialization
Agents of Consciousness
System Enforcers

Syncretic Terms

The System > Mode of Exploitation, Old World, Regime of Accumulation, The Matrix, The Wheel

Related Terms

System Agent > Containment, Ideology, Regime of Accumulation, System Architect, System Maintenance, Toxic Socialization



  1. Sosteric, Mike.Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt. St Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press., 2016.

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