Dark Continent

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The Dark Continent is an allegorical reference to a state of being where people are, for whatever reason, unaware of their true potential and ignorant of their innate ability to Connect with their powerful Spiritual Ego, or with some other location in The Fabric.

Syncretic Terms

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Dark Continent> The Wheel

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Allegorically, most of humanity currently resides on the dark continent. This was not always the case. In act, the current state of being is a degradation from a time when humanity was, despite economic and technological underdevelopment, was far more connected then now.

Though limited by the superstitions of the time, the Vedic corpus demonstrates advanced understanding of [wiki]Connection[/wiki] and Connection Practices. The same can be said of teachings from early Buddhism. You can also find similarly advanced knowledge amongst Indigenous populations the world over, though much of that knowledge has been destroyed by agents of the Accumulating Class working to suppress human potential. erase that.

The question as to why a "dark continent exists" and why humanity lives within this dark continent has bothered philosopher types for many centuries. Popular answers include the Catholic's "we're punished for some reason" through the Hindu's "you got karma" to Buddhas "you are too attached" to science's "humans are just a bunch of naked apes."

The real reason the "dark continent" exists is because the Accumulating Class have, over developed a system for controlling the population that deliberately undermines Human Development in order to create a compliant working population willing to submit to The Wheel. The Accumulating Class undermines human development by

Note that the Accumulating Class no better off, They too are limited by the damage they secure and the narrative structures they impose upon themselves. </ref>