Great Deception

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The Great Deception is the spiritual/political deception committed against the people of this planet by System Agents attempting to manage, shore up, and preserve The System. The great deception uses the Zoroastrian Narrative to create a mindset that disconnects and damages children and adults with a view towards enabling and perpetually recreates their Regime of Accumulation.

Syncretic Terms

Great Deception > Matrix Illusion, Maya

Related LP Terms

Great Deception > Creation Template, Regime of Accumulation, Symbol Factory, System Agent, The Blindfold, Zoroastrian Narrative

Non-LP Related Terms

Great Deception > Money


System Agents use Symbol Factories and Ideological Institutions to execute the Great Deception.

This video series and this book provides you with an overview of The System.

The great deception is rooted in ancient Zoroastrian beliefs[1] and propagated throughout the world in Western monotheistic religions and western popular culture.[2]


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