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Ideology is a collection of ideas, norms, beliefs, and values designed to shape, mould, diminish, and disconnect you so you can be inserted into The System in some needed productive role.[1]

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Indoctrination > Authority, Ideology, Power, Primary Indoctrination


Ideology is inserted into your brain by Agents of Consciousness in a process of repetition and reinforcement known as indoctrination. Ideology and indoctrination are components of Toxic Socialization. Ideology makes is harder to Heal and Connect.[2]

Ideology is often obscured with EPMO

An ideology is a set of beliefs and doctrines that an individual or group hold for "other than purely epistemic reasons."[3] Ideologies form the basis of a political, economic, or social systems.

Ideologies operate by providing excuses and justification that a) quell the doubt and assuage the guilt of the abusers/exploiters and b) encourage docility, compliance, and silent acceptance by the victims/exploited.

There are four broad categories of ideology in use on this planet. These are:

* Gender Ideology - Ideology that provides justification for gender-based exploitation of women
* Race Ideology - Ideology that provides justification for racially-based exploitation of humans.
* Social Class Ideology - Ideology that provides justification for socially based exploitation.
* Spiritual Ideology - Ideology that provides justification for spiritual exploitation.

Ideologies typically have both a "scientific" expression and a "religious" expression. The religious expression of gender ideology is present in stories and monologues that suggest, for example, that women are weak temptresses. The scientific expression of gender ideology is expressed in notions of genetically/naturally based differences, with men being considered stronger/more evolved, and women being seeing as weaker/less advanced.


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