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Elite spirituality is spirituality created, or more often co-opted, by high-level members of the accumulating class. Catholicism, which was created when Roman Emperor Constantine "converted" to Christianity, is an iconic example.[1].

Syncretic Terms

Colonized Spirituality > Elite Religion, Elite Spirituality, Mainstream Spirituality

Related LP Terms

Elite Spirituality > Authentic Religion, Authentic Spirituality, Elite Narrative, Elite Religion, Regime of Accumulation

Non-LP Related Terms

Elite Spirituality > Common Core, Philosophia Perennis, Pia Philosophia, Prisca Theologia, Religion


Elite spirituality is spirituality constructed in Symbol Factories and propagated by Ideological Institutions.

Elite spirituality may be easily identified by its advocacy of violence (let's go kill some evil people), exclusion (only the "chosen" get in), and patriarchy (women are stripped of power and dignity).

More specifically, elite spirituality may be recognized by the presence of an Old Energy Creation Template.

Consider Persian Autocrat Aradashir took control of Zoroastrianism to further his imperial agenda.[2]

Elite spirituality is enacted by System Agents for the purpose of System Maintanence

List of Elites

Marsilio Ficini (1433-1499) the "virtual founder of the Renaissance Prisca Theologia narrative. [3]

Agostino Steuco (1496-1549).


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