Mechanisms of Reproduction

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Mechanisms of Reproduction are mechanisms by which the Accumulating Class reproduces its Regime from generation to generation.

Regime of Accumulation

Regime of Accumulation > Mode of Accumulation, Relations of Accumulation

Mode of Accumulation > Mechanisms of Accumulation, Mechanisms of Compliance, Mechanisms of Force, Mechanisms of Reproduction, Mechanisms of Surveillance

Relations of Accumulation > Accumulating Class, Slave Class

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Mechanisms of Reproduction include the procreational and the ideological mechanisms.

Procreational mechanisms are those mechanisms which ensure the generation-to-generation reproduction of the "labour" force.

Ideological mechanisms ensure the reproduction of suitably trained and prepared labour force.

Under the extant regime, procreational mechanisms include the Nuclear Family, the assertion of a Gender Binary (forces women into a restrictive reproductive roles). Ideological mechanisms include the corporate media, and the primary, secondary, and post-secondary "educational" systems.