Mechanisms of Accumulation

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Mechanisms of Accumulation are the mechanisms and techniques the Accumulating Class uses to extract Labour Value from the Slave Class. Mechanisms of Accumulation are a component of the Regime of Accumulation.

Regime of Accumulation

Regime of Accumulation > Mode of Accumulation, Relations of Accumulation

Mode of Exploitation > Mechanisms of Accumulation, Mechanisms of Compliance, Mechanisms of Force, Mechanisms of Reproduction, Mechanisms of Surveillance

Relations of Accumulation > Accumulating Class, Slave Class

Mechanism of Accumulation

"plunder, tribute, rent, taxation, usury, ... various forms of unequal exchange" and the Stock Market.

Syncretic Terms

Mechanisms of Accumulation > Exploitative Techniques

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Mechanisms of Accumulation >

Non-LP Related Terms

Mechanisms of Accumulation >


The exploitation of the masses is facilitated and enabled by a Toxic Socialization process that damages and indoctrinates the individual. Toxic Socialization is created and implemented by Ideological Institutions.