Mechanisms of Accumulation

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Mechanisms of Accumulation are the mechanisms and techniques the Accumulating Class uses to extract Labour Value from the Slave Class. Mechanisms of Accumulation are a component of the Regime of Accumulation.

Components of a Regime of Accumulation

Regime of Accumulation > Mechanisms of Accumulation, Mechanisms of Compliance, Mechanisms of Force, Mechanisms of Reproduction, Mechanisms of Surveillance

Mechanism of Accumulation

"plunder, tribute, rent, taxation, usury, ... various forms of unequal exchange" and the Stock Market.

Syncretic Terms

Mechanisms of Accumulation > Exploitative Techniques

Related LP Terms

Mechanisms of Accumulation >

Non-LP Related Terms

Mechanisms of Accumulation >


The exploitation of the masses is facilitated and enabled by a Toxic Socialization process that damages and indoctrinates the individual. Toxic Socialization is created and implemented by Ideological Institutions.