Stage Seven

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Stage Seven (a.k.a. Graduation)) is the final stage of Evolution. In Stage Seven, a Pinnacle Species that has successfully completed Stage Six Reconnection is introduced to interplanetary existence.

List of Evolutionary Stages

Evolutionary Stages > Stage Five, Stage Four, Stage One, Stage Seven, Stage Six, Stage Three, Stage Two

Syncretic Terms

Stage Seven > Al-Insan al-Kamil, Eupsychia, Frashokereti, Graduation, Home, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, The Garden

Related LP Terms

Stage Seven > Divine World Order, Graduation Invocation, Triumph of Spirit Archetypes, Triumph of Spirit Narrative

Non-LP Related Terms

Stage Seven > Garden of Eden, Mass Contact, Satya Yuga, Triumph of Spirit}


Graduation is a New Energy Archetype in the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System. The Graduation Archetype represents culmination of The Great Work, which is the spiritual/evolutionary development of a planet.