Wrong Action

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Wrong Action is any action that subverts and prevents connection. Wrong action is any action that is not fully aligned with Highest Self. Wrong action is one of the Three Ws of Mislignment and is part of the LP's Alignment Rule Set.

The Three Ws of Misalignment

Three Ws of Misalignment > Wrong Action, Wrong Environment, Wrong Thought

The Three Rs of Alignment

Three Rs of Alignment > Right Action, Right Environment, Right Thought

Syncretic Terms

Wrong Action > Anrta, Disjunctive Action, Druh, Sin

Related Terms

Wrong Action > Alignment, Connection Obstacle, Disjuncture, Misalignment


Wrong action causes Disjuncture. Engaged in chronically, Disjunctive Feelings grow more intense. Sooner than you might think, self-medication becomes required.

Sin is wrong action that causes harm to another living being.

"Deadly sins" are highly disjunctive actions that lower CQ/increase disconnection.


  1. "Now as he watched and believed, he saw a large woman sitting there. Now the woman was grasping frantically at all things within her reach, and it seemed that she could not stand because of her great size..."Then the messengers answered, 'It is true. That which you saw was the evil of stinginess. She can not stand and thus she will remain forever. Thus it will be with those who forsake religious teachings and think more of the things of earth than of the new world above. (Having glutted themselves with the things of earth they are unable to stand upon the heaven road. From The Great Message in Parker, Arthur C. The Code of Handsome Lake The Seneca Prophet. New York: The University of the State of New York, 1913.

Three W of Misalignment