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Syncretic Terms

Undifferentiated Consciousness > Absolute Essence, Ain, Dhat, Govinda, Light of the Void, Nondual God, Para Brahman, Supreme Essence, Tao, The Imperishable, The Unity, Undifferentiated Godhead, Unmanifest, Wuji


"The so called Unmanifest (abyabha), the Lords power, is Maya, the ultimate, beginning-less ignorance, made up of the three qualities, knowable only through its effects, and out of which this whole world is produced 108" [1]


  1. Sankaracharya, Adi. The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom. Translated by John Richards. 1998, 1946. http://datadump.lightningpath.org/readings/viveka-sanskrit.pdf.