Undifferentiated Godhead

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Undifferentiated Godhead is a term used by Evelyn Underhill to refer to Undifferentiated Consciousness

Syncretic Terms

Undifferentiated Consciousness > Absolute Essence, Ain, Dhat, Govinda, Light of the Void, Nondual God, Para Brahman, Supreme Essence, Tao, The Imperishable, The Unity, Undifferentiated Godhead, Unmanifest, Wuji


In the supreme Vision of the Trinity which was vouchsafed to St. Teresa in the Seventh Habitation of the soul, these three aspects became fused in One. In the deepest recesses of her spirit, in that abyss where selfhood ceases to have meaning, and the individual soul touches the life of the All, distinction vanished and she “saw God in a point.” Such an experience, such an intuition of simple and undifferentiated Godhead—the Unity.[1]


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