The Imperishable

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The Imperishable is a vedic term syncretic with The Fabric of Consciousness, probably (see below) during its Undifferentiated stage.

List of Terms

Hinduism > Achara, Ashramas, Brahman, Brahmarishi, Dharma, GodHead, Gunas, Illusory Self, Moksha, Neo-Hinduism, Paramatman, Purushaarthas, Rishis, Salvation, Samadhi, Sanskrit Literature, Saptarishis, Satya Yuga, Srutis, The Imperishable, Varnas, Vichara

States of Consciousness

State of Consciousness > Differentiated Consciousness, Egoic Consciousness, Emanating Consciousness, Undifferentiated Consciousness

Syncretic Terms

Undifferentiated Consciousness > Absolute Essence, Ain, Dhat, Govinda, Light of the Void, Nondual God, Para Brahman, Supreme Essence, Tao, The Imperishable, The Unity, Undifferentiated Godhead, Unmanifest, Wuji


Excerpt from the Mundaka Upanishad 1.1.6-8

6. That which is invisible, ungraspable, without family, without caste (a-varna)

Without sight or hearing is It, without hand or foot,

Eternal, all-pervading, omnipresent, exceedingly subtle;

That is the Imperishable, which the wise perceive as the source of beings.

7.As a spider emits and draws in [its thread],

As herbs arise on the earth,

As the hairs of the head and body from a living person,

So from the Imperishable arises everything here.

8. By austerity (tapas) Brahma becomes built up.

From that, food is produced;

From food life-breath, mind, truth

The worlds', immortality tooin works

Mundaka Upanishad 1.1.7[1][1]

Note in the above, Brahma is "built up" from the Imperishable.

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