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A synchronicity is the occurrence of an extremely unlikely event with deep personal significance and meaning (Sosteric, GA)--a "meaningful coincidence" (Jung, 201). Through the LP lense, a Synchronicity is a form of Disconnected Communication. It is a type of Connection Event without any connection at all. Synchronicities are "messages" from The Fabric designed to "point" in a specific direction or "underline" a particular position. Synchronicities send the message to the atheist disconnected, there's more to creation than random material existence.


Synchronicities may be positive and meaningful, but they are also a sign of deep disconnection. Someone who experiences and/or relies on synchronicities is disconnected from The Fabric (Highest Self) and instead of directly tapping into The Flow, instead requires indirect and inefficient forms of communication.

Synchronicity is something you can control. You do not have to stand around waiting. You can trigger synchronicities by simply asking "the universe" meaningful questions. Ask a question and wait 24 to 48 hours for the answer. I recommend a simple question like “Are you there?” or “Who am I?” or “Show me a sign that I cannot deny”, or something like that. Keep an open mind, too. The answer you get, especially to the “Who am I?” question, may surprise you

Lazslo identified two types of "synchronicity," an "intrapsychic experience" and an "event in consensus-reality." (Lazslo in Laszlo, E., Grof, S., & Russell, P., 1999: 55-56).

Further Reading

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