Egoic Explosion

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An Egoic Explosion is a temporary collapse of the Bodily Ego caused when an unprepared Bodily Ego endures a Connection Experience of an intensity, duration, quality, and content for which the individual is not prepared.[1]

Connection Pathologies

Connection Pathology > Communication Error, Connection Catastrophe, Connection Psychosis, Constricted Connection, Double-N Mysticism, Ego Inflation, Egoic Bloating, Egoic Collapse, Egoic Explosion, Flooding, Gurutitus, Jadhb, Learned Helplessness, Majdhub

Syncretic Terms

Egoic Explosion > Jadhb, Nadir Experience, Schizophrenia

Related Terms

Egoic Explosion > Connection Pathology, Egoic Bloating, Egoic Collapse


A well-known case of an individual who experienced profound childhood abuse demonstrates the outcomes of egoic collapse[2]


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