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"The content of mystical experiences can range from observing a birth to believing one has encountered alien creatures; and the intensity can range from a few moments of rapture to several hours of shattering psychological experience. [1]

Content is "big" and challenging and creative and expressive

Bender recounts the mystical experience of Eric who connected with a "channeled entity" by the name of Lazaris. Eric points to increasing amounts of "energy" and coordinated "inspiration" that he had difficulty expressing: It "fizzled out. It just didn’t ground itself, I had quit my job and tried to write a book,[exploring] all this weird, prophetic, cosmic overview energy, but I couldn’t express it so I went back to work."[2]. Eric had another experience in 1997 characterized by an extended period of creativity, and efforts to express the information which he characterized as better grounded, but still abortive because he was missing something.

Content is challenging


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