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The Void of God Chakra, more commonly known as the Thorad or Vishuddha chakra, is one of the seven main energetic conduits (i.e. Chakras) of the Energy System of the Physical Unit. Energies from the Voice of God chakra (Voice/Vishuddha) are chakra associated with the expressive apparatus of your Physical Unit. Energies from the Voice of God chakra go towards the development and support of your body's expressive capacities, including your ability to speak, sing, rap, pain, dance, draw, etc.

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Non-LP Related Terms

Chakras > Kundalini, Merkaba

List of the body's seven main Chakras

Body of God, Eye of God, Hand of God, Mind of God, Voice of God, Will of God


Visualization/reactivation: To "open" your voice chakra, simply visualize energy flowing into your body and out into the world around you from a point in the middle of your throat. Visualize that energy flowing into your body where it cascades through your neural network in warm and scintillating colours. As it progresses through your body, understand it is enhancing your ability to visualize and create. Also visualize this energy blasting out into the world around you as it become a canvas for your positive and uplifting creations.

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