Human Development

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Human Development is the process of developing a fully functioning human Physical Unit capable of making persistent Connection to Highest Self.

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Health development and full Connection of the physical unit is facilitated by a healthy Socialization process, while Dysfunction and Disconnection result from Toxic Socialization. A physical unit that has been damaged by Toxic Socialization must Heal before it can consistently connect.[1]

A healthy socialization process is one where all Seven Essential Needs are consistently met. A toxic socialization process is one that, accidentally or deliberately, undermines the functions of the physical unit, and its ability to connect.

Stages of Development

"Union between spiritual ego and bodily ego, connection, and expansion of Consciousness into the body, is the whole point of human development. Connection, union, and expansion of consciousness is the ultimate goal of human maturation. If you want to be healthy, whole, and satisfied, you need to “actualize your self” (i.e. become your spiritual ego) and you need to develop your connection."[2]

Stage One: There are two broad stages of development that the human Physical Unit goes through. Stage One, known as the Growth Stage occurs from birth to about age forty. It is characterized by focused drive oriented towards satisfaction of Needs. During this period extra energy is available to the physical unit so that it may accomplish its Developmental Tasks.

Stage Two: Stage Two of the human development process is known as the Maintenance Stage. Stage two occurs from birth to death. At this stage available energy drops to maintenance levels as the physical unit, having successfully met all its Needs, moves into full creative power. Maintenance Stage is a highly variable stage of growth that is extremely dependent on the quality of needs satisfaction during Stage One. Needs unmet at the onset of Stage Two will lead to "crises" points, regressions, developmental failures, senescence, and Death.


A fully developed physical unit has the following measurable characteristics. A fully developed physical unit:

* displays emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical health.
* is creative, productive, driven by passion, and oriented towards manifestation of Divine Will.
* is highly intelligent, though not always in the traditional sense that traditional [IQ] measures.
* has high Consciousness Quotient [CQ]
* has an uncorrupted and unblocked Energy System

Proper Development

Proper and healthy development of the Physical Unit requires proper and health satisfaction of all human Needs.

Satisfaction of human needs occurs under conditions of Right Environment, Right Action, and Right Thought

On this planet, and within the current System, the PU experiences Toxic Socialization. Toxic Socialization results in pathological Outcomes that require Healing and sometimes Therapy

Developmental Milestones


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