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The Triumph of Spirit Paradigm (TOSP) is an Existential Paradigm developed by the Lightning Path to replace the extant, dominant Toxic Existential Paradigm.

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The TOSP is one of three elements that taken together constitute The Lightning Path. These elements include Lightning Path Curriculum, the Lightning Path Human Development Framework, and the Triumph of Spirit Paradigm

The paradigm consists of several key statements designed to orient thinking and research in an authentic and utopian direction.

The Paradigm

The Human Psyche

  • The human psyche consists of two egos,a Spiritual Ego and a Bodily Ego.
  • The bodily ego is a neurological outgrowth of the brain and CNS focused first on ensuring survival of the physical body and second on facilitating connection with the spiritual ego.
  • The spiritual ego is an eternal essence independent of physical reality and characterized by awareness, bliss, intelligence, imagination, and love.
  • The spiritual ego is connected, along with innumerable other spiritual egos, in a self-aware Fabric of Consciousness.

Human Development

  • Contrary to common perception, the spiritual ego does not require tutelage but is already a powerful, intelligent, sophisticated, and aware spiritual essence.
  • Spiritual egos may or may not incarnate into physical reality; when they do incarnate, they require, for full and empowered expression, a strong, healthy, and fully developed Physical Unit, and a healthy and grounded bodily ego fully aligned with the spiritual ego and fully capable of pure, persistent, and direct Connection with the spiritual ego. *
  • A bodily ego that is properly connected to its spiritual ego benefits from the “higher” awareness, bliss, intelligence, imagination, and love of the spiritual ego.
  • The development of a neurologically strong bodily ego capable of such connection is a primary goal of human development.
  • The development of a strong and healthy bodily ego requires sufficient satisfaction of the Seven Essential Needs[1].

Creation and Evolution

  • The purpose of creation is to create wonderful playgrounds for the incarnation of the Spiritual Ego
  • The goal of evolution is the creation of a fully connected Pinnacle Species capable of handling the powerful spiritual ego capable of fine-grained manipulation of the material world.
  • The goal of a connected Pinnacle Species is the development of a eupsychian utopia, that is, social, political, economic, and spiritual systems and frameworks capable of nurturing the happy, healthy development and full Connection of as many “vessels” as possible.

Health and Healing

  • The Earth’s evolution pathway, and in particularly the eupsychian/utopian mission of the pinnacle species, has been subverted by a toxic and addicted Accumulating Class.[2][3] who, in order to feed their profound addiction to money,[4] have instituted a Toxic Socialization process[5] that profoundly damages and diminishes the Physical Unit.
  • A primary task of world leaders at all levels is the removal of the accumulating class from power followed by the immediate diversion of funds to educational, healing, and human/family support projects.
  • A primary task of psychology, psychiatry, and medicine is healing the damaged physical unit.
  • A primary task of families and related institutions is creating safe, non violent spaces where all Seven Essential Needs can be met.

The Cosmology

Coming in a year or two, maybe three.

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