Original Sin

The phrase Original Sin is the Christian term for Karmic Debt. Original Sin represents the Karmic Debt that you incurred as a result of unaligned actions in previous lifetimes.


Incarnating into a new Physical Unit does not obviate you of karmic debt. As per your Karmic Contract, and in particular, the Conditions of Entry, you are responsible for any damage you do and any messes you make.

Huxley suggests that in the (PP), original sin is "the man’s obsessive consciousness of, and insistence on being, a separate self is the final and most formidable obstacle to the unitive knowledge of God. To be a self is, for them, the original sin, and to die to self, in feeling, will and intellect, is the final and all-inclusive virtue." This I disagree with. My early poem I am/We Are speaks to the Experience of Admixture--the fact that properly, Connection results in the admixture of Bodily Ego and Spiritual Ego, Self and self.

Note there is a sense where the Bodily Ego has to be properly prepared for admixture. The nature of this preparation is given in the various Connection Manuals of various culture, insight, purity, and quality, penned down through the ages. On the LP, steps and full prepatory guidance are provided in the Lightning Path Connection Manual

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