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North American indigenous folk often connect and seek guidance from their ancestors, their "grandmothers" and "grandfathers." Ancestors are part of an individual's Guide Network.

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Dean Radin provides the account of a Winnebago John Rave who connected with his grandfather during a Peyote induced Connection Event. [1]


  1. Radin, Paul. “A Sketch of the Peyote Cult of the Winnebago: A Study of Borrowing.” Edited by G. Stanley Hall. Journal of Religious Experience 7, no. 1 (1914): 1–22.
    If you look up this quote, notice how Radin inserts his own interpretation into what appears to be a first-person account of connection to an ancestor. Radin's inserts the phrase "the medicine" into the direct quote, thus subtly changing the meaning of the words provided by Rave, and betraying his academic bias. Instead of a channel/connection to a Spirit Guide, as indicated by Rave, Radin discounts Rave's own interpretation, and reduces the effect to a biochemical process.