Mechanisms of Force

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According to Ruyle,[1] the Mechanisms of Force are the violent means used by the Accumulating Class to, when necessary, physically coerce an exploited population. Mechanisms of force facilitate the suppression of revolutionary forces, protecting the power and privilege of the Accumulating Class, and are an essential component of The System.

The System

The Mechanisms of Force are one part of a constellation of components that constitute The System (a.k.a. The Regime of Accumulation.

The System consists of Mechanisms of Accumulation, Mechanisms of Compliance, Mechanisms of Force, Mechanisms of Reproduction

Syncretic Terms

The System is also known as Mode of Exploitation, Old World, The Matrix, The Wheel

Related LP Terms

Mechanisms of Force > Ideological Institution, Regime of Accumulation

Non-LP Related Terms

Mechanisms of Force > Exploitation, Mechanisms of Accumulation, Mechanisms of Force


  1. Ruyle, Eugene E. “Mode of Production and Mode of Exploitation: The Mechanical and the Dialectical.” Dialectical Anthropology 1, no. 1 (1975): 7–23.