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A Connection Affirmation is a verbal statement (i.e. an Affirmation) that reinforces a psychological and emotional desire (i.e. Intent) for Connection, and that initiates a connection process.[1]

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Examples include one or more of the following (i.e., feel free to customize).

   I wish to connect to my Highest Self.
   I wish to wake up
   I wish to gain enlightenment
   I wish consciousness to descend into the vessel.
   I wish to move forward as fast and as safely as possible.
   I wish to move forward. I wish to awaken. I wish to activate. I wish to ascend. 
   I wish access to only that information that is for the highest good of all living beings.

Note that some intent should always be given so that one accesses only information that is for the highest good of all living beings. There's still a lot of crapola out there.

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