Syncretic Terms

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Syncretic Terms are terms, typically from different spiritual or conceptual traditions, that mean or refer to the same thing. The LP term Spiritual Ego is syncretic with the Christian term Soul, the Vedic term Atman, and so on and so forth.


Wherever possible, the definitions in the SpiritWiki link to syncretic terms from various traditions. For example, the entry for Spiritual Ego contains over 40 syncretic terms linking to over a dozen spiritual traditions.



Lightning Path Terminology

In order to facilitate the development of open, accessible and grounded Human Development Framework, particularly one that incorporates a sophisticated spirituality (i.e., a concern with healing and connection), the Lightning Path provides its own neutral, non-denominational, unbiased, and modern terminology.

Terms on these page are Lightning Path terms. Many terms on this page are original and exclusive to the Lightning Path system. Many others are external terms that fit the "non-biased, non-denominational, and modern" requirement, incorporated into LP terminology so as not to unnecessarily reinvent the wheel.

Couple notes...

Note 1, there might be some mistakes here. I'm still clarifying and refining so I may have dragged somebody else's concepts in, in error. I'll fix it all up over time.

Note 2, LP terminology is still in development. Please keep your flames to yourself.