Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Therapy is entheogen enhanced psychoanalysis. Psychedelic therapy is a term first used by Stanislav Grof (1976) to describe his successful use of high doses of LSD to treat a wide range of neurotic and psychotic psychopathologies. Psychedelic therapy involves Crown Activation which leads to recovery and resolution of repressed psychodynamic, perinatal, (Grof, 1976) and even past life trauma (Armstrong, 1989). Successful crown activation leads to enhanced functioning of the Physical Unit and eventual reconnection with the Fabric of Consciousness. As with Psycholytic Therapy, careful attention to Set and Setting is critical to the success of psychedelic therapy.

Grof (1976) considered psychedelic therapy to be a more powerful and direct form of crown chakra therapy than lower dose Psycholytic Therapy. By injecting the client with high doses of LSD, Ego Defenses where forcibly circumvented and the client was put in touch with the "transpersonal realms" of experience (i.e., the client was put in touch with the Fabric of Consciousness). The insights and revelations gained by even a brief encounter with the Fabric of Consciousness generally lead to significant, even startling improvements in psychological and sociological functioning (Grof, 1976)(see the SpiritWiki page on Entheogens for more information).

Early research with LSD and other Entheogens showed incredible promise. Unfortunately, social and political paranoia forced the cessation of what would no doubt have been a revolutionary advancement in the treatment of psychopathology.

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