Ideological Infrastructure

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The Ideological Infrastructure consists of the ideas which form the foundation for systems of behavioural control used to enable a particular Mode of Exploitation within a particular Regime of Accumulation.

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Ideological Infrastructure > Ideological Infrastructure, Mode of Exploitation


The Ideological infrastructure consists of [Meanings]], Norms, and Values expressed in statements.

A statement is a verbal, visual, or musical expression that conveys the core meaning, norm, or value.

Violations of the ideological infrastructure invoke sanction. The more central and core the idea, the more violent and pre-emptive the sanction.

Some statements are so critical to the maintenance of the system that they are elevated to the status of sacred. Once elevated as sacred, the ideas are considered critical to human identity and immune from critical examination and modification.

The ideological infrastructure is the same as a Creation Template.We may use the term ideological infrastructure when referring to a creation template whose purpose is obscured and whose purpose is to create a Regime of Accumulation designed to privilege and empower the few.