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A Bodhisattva (Sanskrit बोधिसत्त्व) is "one who is on the way to the attainment of perfect knowledge," particularly in Mahayana Buddhism, one who has generated Bodhicitta (बोधिचित्त), "a spontaneous wish and compassionate mind to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings, and one who postpones pure enlightenment (i.e. Perfected Connection) in order to "stay back" and teach/liberate others.

Syncretic Terms

Connected One > Arhat, Avatar, Bodhisattva, Enlightened One, Kalki, Prophet, Saint, Samyaksambuddha, Tathagata, Witness


Becoming a Bodhisattva is a Connection Outcome that sometimes occurs.

The LP adds attainment of Bodhisuta (बोधिसुता), or the desire to improve life conditions of all beings on the planet.

The LP, for lack of a better word, uses the term to indicate anyone who has had one or more Connection Experiences and who, from these experiences, has attained Bodhicitta, or the desire to emancipate (we would say Connect) all sentient beings. Note, assigned status as Bodhisattva does not speak to the quality of the Bodhisattva's efforts.

Bodhisattva's often write Connection Manuals to facilitate connection.

Speaking of Connection Manuals, one may have a strong designer to heal and emancipate humanity, but one may not have the training, discipline, fortitude, persistence, attention to detail, and communication technology necessary for the task. The author of The Cloud of Unknowing obviously attained Bodhicitta, but their efforts to provide a sensible and lucid manual failed.


The following is a list of Bodhisattvas. Inclusion in this list only indicates one's status as a Bodhisattva, it does not speak to the quality or accuracy of their teachings, or the success of the work.

George Fox, Jesus Christ, Rudolf Steiner:Avatar:Connected One