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Evolutionary ideas figure prominently in the work of individuals processing information gleaned from their Connection Events. Often there is an attempt to explain how and why humans evolved.

R. M. Bucke

Often the evolution is couched in extremely negative terms, with only a few "special" specimens rising to the top while "vast numbers of defective specimens" are rejected. cf Judgment Archetype. Cast in terms of individual "defects" with limited understanding of the impact of Toxic Socialization.

As in the evolution of an individual tree some branches flourish while others fail; as in a forest some trees grow tall and stretch out wide branches while others are stunted and die out; as in the onward and upward progress of any species some individuals are in advance of the main body while others lag behind; so in the forward march of the collective human mind across the centuries some individual minds are in the van of the great army, while in the rear of the column stagger and fall vast numbers of defective specimens.[1]

Rudolph Steiner

The goal of Planetary Evolution is to create a body capable of "associating" itself with spirit...

The immortal part of man is the spirit. It has been shown when the spirit entered the body. Before this, the spirit belonged to other regions. It could only associate itself with the body when the latter had attained a certain level of development.[2]

Many savage tribes must be considered to be the degenerated descendants of human forms which were once more highly developed. They did not sink to the level of animalism, but only to that of savagery.

Steiner, Rudolph. Cosmic Memory (Kindle Locations 1030-1032). Kindle Edition.

Speaks about Planetary Stewards--extraterrestrial which assist and guide Planetary Evolution

This appearance took place under the influence of highly developed entities, who were familiar with the laws of the formation of races and capable of guiding the existing forces of human nature into such paths that a new race could come into being. These beings will be specially mentioned further on.[3]


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