Mission is a term used by Oscar Ichazo to refer to a Connection Framework.

Syncretic Terms

Connection Framework > Mission, Mystery School


"A mission is a necessity of the entire culture to achieve a higher degree of consciousness. History evolves from one MMP (material manifestation point) to another across missions. When a culture reaches its fulfillment, and a new culture with a new point of view is needed, a mission appears in the planet. A mission is the bridge for changing from one culture to a superior culture. Not to deny the culture that is becoming obsolete, but a mission gives the solutions for making a new culture, since the old one no longer works. A mission is presented in our world in the moment of definitive crisis, when there has to be a change from one culture to a superior one. The bridge is the mission.

In that sense Arica is a mission because it is proposing the solutions for this society to become a higher MMP,-of society that we call metasociety. Now, that bridge at this point doesn't require news about religion, which, by the way, has already been said. I have insisted on this point. But it requires methods for self-realization and clarification of consciousness, for understanding the parameters of where our culture is, because the answers that we have from the past don't fit our present conditions. And we are not going to have a new culture if these two points are not resolved.

Arica is a mission because it tries to resolve these two points of self-realization and clarification of consciousness. I am not denying that methods for doing this already exist, and that we propose just one more. But this one more is faster. It's the fastest and the most complete that it is possible to present."[1]


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