Lotus Eaters

Lotus Eaters are, according to Michael Sharp, "don't worry, be happy" spiritual gurus who teach that all you have to do to become awakened and empowered is smile a big smile, "go with the flow," and let the world go on as it is. Lotus Eaters are unwitting (or sometimes witting) agents of The System. It is the job of the Lotus Eater to disconnect you from source (crown chakra), turn your attention away from reality (corrupt third eye chakra), and block expression of the truth (throat chakra) so that the world "as it is" (i.e. the status quo) can continue to go on. Lotus eaters teach you to shy away from challenge and confrontation, repress discomfort and anger, and accept the most brutal oppressions with a smile on your lips and a song in your smile.

Lotus eaters may be identified by the things that they say, and the hypocrisy of their actions. Lotus eaters say things like "nothing perceivable is real" or "there are no accidents in the world," or "don't worry be happy", or "instant karma's gonna get ya." The actions of the Lotus Eater are often embedded in unexpressed anger, sadness, and even rage and are often typified by either overt violence, passive aggressions, and/or narcissistic exploitation of others. It should perhaps go without saying that the best way to ensure rapid spiritual awakening and empowerment is to avoid contact with the dangerous and self deluded Lotus Eaters.

The doctrinal ideology of the Lotus Eater is not new or novel. It is preceded by, and is merely a manifestation of, the North American New Thought doctrine or (going back farther) what William James calls the Religion of Health-Mindedness. There is something to be said for positive thinking, but as James himself points out the doctrine does descend into self-delusion, political and economic naivety (my words), and pathology.

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