Lishkat Hashaim

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A lishkât ḥashāīm is a syncretic term for Connection Cocoon, popular in Palestine and Babylon among the Hashaim.

Syncretic Terms

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"There are several heterogeneous passages which speak of the existence within the ancient Temple at Jerusalem of a special apartment, called the lishkât ḥashāīm (' chamber of the silent [or secret] ones'). According to the statement of Tosefta Shekalim, ii. 16, there were to be found in some cities of Palestine and Babylon men known as Ḥashāīm, who reserved a special room in their house for depositing in it a charity-box into which money for the poor could be put and withdrawn with the utmost silence. It was collected and distributed by men appointed for the purpose by the Ḥashāīm, and, as it was all done with the strictest secrecy, it looks as though there was a kind of communism among the members of the order."[1]


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