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Conceptualization One

Tree of Consciousness

Tree of Consciousness

Bodily Consciousness

Monadic Consciousness

Soul Consciousness

Angelic Consciousness

god Consciousness - god with a little "g" - The original seed

God Consciousness - The entire tree, including root

Non egoic, original, undifferentiated consciousness

Conceptualization Two

The Fabric of Consciousness/God with a big "G" (a.k.a. Godhead, Ain Soph, Para Brahman, Svayam Bhagavan)

God with a little "g" (a.k.a. Supreme Being, Self)

Svayam Bhagavan / Angels

Conceptualization Three

Normal Consciousness

Christ / Krishna Consciousness

God Consciousness

Unadulterated Consciousness

Conceptualization Four - Levels of Mystical Connection

Insight | Peak Experience | Vision | Revelation


Consciousness Quotient

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Further Reading

Sharp, Michael (BOLIFE). The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order