Union with God

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Union with God (or Goddess) is an outcome of powerful Connection Experiences.


Union > Spiritual Marriage, Union with God, Union with Reality, Unity

List of Connection Outcomes

Connection Outcome > Connection Pathology, Déjà vu, Emotional Cleansing, Emotional Satisfaction, Enlightenment, Existential Terrors, Healing, Liberation, Perfect Connection, Perfected Connection, Perfection, Permanent Connection, Physical Sensations, Psychotic Mysticism, Realization of Self, Ritambharapragya, Spontaneous Alignment, The Unity, Transformation, Union


Jantzen points out that union with God is a primary concern and ultimate goal of mystics like Bernard of Clairvaux [1]

Union is sometimes expressed as sexual/intimate union. Agrippa of Aubigne writes a romantic ode to intimate connection with the Goddess. See this entry's discussion page.


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