Spiritual Marriage

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Spiritual Marriage is a Christian term used to describe the Union between Bodily Ego and Spiritual Ego that occurs during a pristine and pure Connection Experience. The term emphasizes a more permanent union achieved as a consequence of Connetion Practice and consequent attainment of Perfection.

Related and Syncretic Terms

Connection Experience > Completion Experience > (Altered State of Consciousness, Perfect Contemplation, Realization of Self, Spiritual Marriage, Union)


St. Teresa of Avila notes the Spiritual Marriage occurs in the "Seventh Mansions". "Here at last the soul reaches the Spiritual Marriage. Here dwells the King—“it may be called another Heaven”: the two lighted candles join and become one; the falling rain becomes merged in the river. There is complete transformation, ineffable and perfect peace; no higher state is conceivable, save that of the Beatific Vision in the life to come."[1]

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