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Repression is an Awareness Reduction Mechanisms that the Bodily Ego uses to avoid uncomfortable confrontation with reality. Repression is a brute force forgetting of painful memories, either of one's own actions towards others, or other's actions towards oneself.

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In evolutionary terms the ability to engage in short term repression allowed the physical unit to devote energy to survival. On a hunt the ability to "tune out" distractions was critical. Similarly during times of social or economic crises the ability to put aside secondary concerns allowed for the focused, and sometimes intense, direction of effort.

The mechanisms of repression is intended to be short term. Repression involves the energetic suppression of the Crown Chakra and if chronically applied has significant negative outcomes for the Physical Unit. For example, repression requires diversion of psychic energy and therefore repression robs the crown chakra of the energy it needs for balanced function and ongoing development. If chronically applied this diversion of energy can lead to imbalanced function and retarded psychological development. Repression, especially when chronically applied, also re-tasks and reprograms the physical brain. Neuronal structures are modified and new pathways not intended by evolutionary selection are created. Retardation and dysfunction that may require years of healing and reprogramming may result. Of course, it is important to note that healing is always possible (see for example [Neuroplasticity]] and the fascinating new awareness of brain plasticity emerging). However, it is also important to understand that underestimating the effort required to heal can guarantee failure as the physical unit may fail to assign necessary time and resources to the task, or simply self-blame when rapid changes are not forthcoming.

Repression is useful for those who seek to maintain The System. Repression of our awareness of reality allows for the subversion of said reality and its replacement with parent, Church, and media constructed illusions. This may benefit those with power but the physical unit is only damaged as a result.

Like many of the energetic amputations that occur as a result of System indoctrination, the damaged caused by suppression and redirection of chakra energies is cumulative and profound. Psychologists and counselors must work very hard to establish enough trust with their clients so that the layers of energetic repression that damage an organism can be sequentially, and carefully, removed.