Bodily Consciousness

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Bodily Consciousness is the autonomic, physiologically rooted "consciousness" of your physical body. Bodily Consciousness is the two-dimensional consciousness that arises as an epiphenomenon of brain activity initiated when Spiritual Consciousness "embraces"/enters The Physical Unit.

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Bodily Consciousness > Bodily Ego


The quality of bodily consciousness is determined by genetics, past experience, and by the Consciousness Quotient (CQ) of the physical unit. When the CQ of the physical unit is low (typically as a result of Toxic Socialization, Faulty Instruction, or trauma in the genetic line, bodily consciousness will be rigid, limited, and without significant insight and intelligence. As the CQ of the body increases however, Bodily Consciousness gradually merges with Spiritual Consciousness. As this happens the limited, delusional, dis-connected experience of Normal Consciousness is replaced by the fullest expression of monadic consciousness possible within the physical limitations of this universe.

The quality of bodily consciousness, the quality and nature of its expression, is determined by experience. Toxic experiences, Toxic Socialization, puts the consciousness of the body into Defense Mode.