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The Mind of God (a.k.a. Crown Chakra) is the energy vortex which provides the energy necessary to support the development of the brain and parts of the central nervous system of the Physical Unit.

Crown Chakra


In Sanskrit, the Mind of God is referred to as SahasrAra (सहस्रार) chakra. SahasrAra literally means thousand-spoked.

Unrestricted crown energy flow is a necessary, but insufficient, condition for proper maturation of the neuronal apparatus of the physical unit. Proper nutrition, proper rest, and proper emotional, psychological, and social support are all necessary prerequisites to optimal Development. Determining optimal growth conditions of the crown chakra is the purview of Developmental Psychology and Developmental Sociology.

When chakra energies are not repressed, the associated physical organs are in a state of continuous development. However, energetic atrophy of the crown chakra, and/or toxic environmental (emotional, social, chemical, etc.) assaults of the physical unit, can lead to restriction of energies, the subsequent cessation of development, and the eventual decay and degeneration of associated organs.

Seven Essential Needs

Proper and healthy development of the Crown Chakra

Physiological Needs: Food, water, and air are required to ensure healthy cellular development. Without proper nutrition, cellular/biological development of the physical unit is hobbled and delayed, and ongoing adult health and function is undermined.

Safety and Security Needs. Safety and security are required to ensure healthy development of the physical unit, and healthy development of the Brain, CNS, and [wiki]Bodily Ego[/wiki]. Safety and security ensure the physical unit experiences a stress free1 and secure existence.

       1. Stress free existence is also important to ensure the body’s neurological pathways develop in ways that support [wiki]Connection[/wiki]. 
       2. Secure existence is important to ensure the Bodily Ego directs energy towards growth ([wiki]Growth Mode[/wiki]), and not defense ([wiki]Defense Mode[/wiki]), or the mitigation of deficits ([wiki]Deficit Mode[/: 

Love Needs It is important that the [wiki]Bodily Ego[/wiki] feel loved and included in its Primary Attachment Group at all times. Love and inclusion helps ensure that the bodily ego feels protected. When it feels protected and included, it will direct energy towards exploration and growth ([wiki]Growth Mode[/wiki]). When it feels unsafe and unloved, it will direct energy towards defense. develops a healthy ability to attach to