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Repression is an Awareness Reduction Mechanisms] that the Bodily Ego uses to avoid uncomfortable confrontation with reality.

Other Awareness Reduction Mechanisms

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Related LP Terms

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Non-LP Related Terms

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Displacement is another tertiary ARM that distorts reality. Displacement is similar to projection in that we are shifting attention from our thoughts, behaviours, and actions, but in this case, we are shifting our negative emotions and behaviours from a risky target to a less risky one. For example, I had an issue with women for a long time because of the abuse my mother heaped upon me. I could never challenge my mother as a child or adolescent because if I did, the abuse became much worse. As a child, I learned that if I got angry with my mother, it was best if I just kept it to myself. My mother shut my anger at her abuse down, but it did not go away. For many years I displaced it towards other women who were “safer” targets. I did this until I finally became aware of what I was doing, being angry at all women because I couldn’t be angry with mom. Finally realizing my anger, and also realizing its roots, allowed me to instantly release that anger and transform my irrational fear. I say irrational because as an adult, I knew my mother couldn’t harm me anymore. Unfortunately, I was still operating with my childhood fear. When I realized, I released anger and fear and was able to move forward in a more authentic space.