Matrix Illusion

The Matrix Illusion (also known as Maya) is the "reality veneer" that our brain interposes between itself and the true, and horrid, reality of this world. The Matrix Illusion is the illusion that everything around us is OK despite powerful and dramatic evidence to the contrary (i.e. sickness in our family, or in our body, or in our society, war, violence, poverty, suffering, disease, depression, etc).

It is important to note that the Matrix Illusion can exist only while a Physical Unit suffers from a closed Crown Chakra and a subsequently lowered Consciousness Quotient. That is, the successful imposition of the Matrix Illusion depends on the stupification of the physical unit through a violent process of indoctrination designed to suppress chakra energies and prevent proper development and maturation of the human body. Failing this stupification process (which occurs through an oppressive Socialization process that emphasizes hierarchy and comparison, rewards conformity, compliance, and submission, and punishes and shames those who do not conform) the Matrix Illusion will destabilize as the individual is simply no longer able to justify or ignore the dramatic and powerful evidence for sickness and pathology in the world around. As the individual overcomes the damage inflicted upon the physical unit, and as the physical unit slowly returns to an optimal level of functioning, the individual naturally, and inevitably, "sees through" the illusions to the true reality of their world.

When under the influence of the Matrix Illusion, the individual Physical Unit will deny the realities of their world (Denial), distort and reshape their perception of reality (Distortion), and/or attempt to delude themselves and others (Delusional Projection) about the true nature of reality. The individual, in an attempt to prevent awareness of the true nature of their reality from emerging, may also refuse to engage in appropriate adult response (Regression), or may (if denial or delusional repression cannot be accomplished) (Intellectualize) or Rationalize reality by developing cosmological and/or theological justifications that encourage acceptance of the world "as it is."

The only escape out of the matrix illusion is through the healing and subsequent Awakening and Activation of the body. A fully matured and functioning physical will not be vulnerable to Matrix Illusion and will "see through" to the realities of this world with clarity, precision, and certitude.