The Blindfold

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The term The Blindfold is a metaphoric term used in the Allegory of the Blindfold[1] to refer to the limitations of Consciousness that occur as a result of the Toxic Socialization endured by humans living under the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and economic yoke of The System.

Syncretic Terms

The Blindfold > Darkness, The Veil

Related LP Terms

The Blindfold > Disconnection, Great Deception, Zoroastrian Narrative

Non-LP RelatedTerms

The Blindfold > Maya


The imposition of The Blindfold involves primarily a Crown Chakra suppression/repression. The imposition of The Blindfold results in the lowering of the Consciousness Quotient (CQ) of the Physical Unit and a subsequent reduction in cognitive, emotional, and "intuitive" functionality.

In Old World, esoteric literature The Blindfold is often referred to as The Veil. Like The Blindfold, The Veil involves a reduction of CQ. Like The Blindfold, the Veil must be removed before enlightenment can be attained.


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