Old Energy


Old Energy is energy that is imbalanced, with a prevalence of forceful, violent, hierarchical, dominating, exclusionary, elitist, and in the most extreme cases, psychopathic qualities. Old energy is generated by Old Energy Archetypes within the Individual Consciousness of the Physical Unit and the Collective Consciousness of the planet.


Old energy is being gradually replaced with New Energy. As New Energy Archetypes are developed, and as these penetrate into and finally replace Old Energy Archetypes in the Mass Consciousness of the planet, old energy will dissipate and disappear. The Triumph of Spirit Archetype System is the LP new energy archetype system

As Old Energy Archetypes are replaced with New Energy Archetypes, the "structural integrity" of all manifestations based in old energy (including the human Physical Unit(!) will compromise and collapse. This collapse will accelerate dramatically, and with considerable global visibility, post-2020.

Further Reading

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