Undifferentiated Consciousness

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Undifferentiated Consciousness is the original blissful and aware Fabric of Consciousness, before the Intensification of Consciousness and before the emergence of Original I . [1]

Syncretic Terms

UC > Ain, Govinda, Nondual God, Tao, Unmanifest

Undifferentiated Consciousness > Ain, Govinda, Nondual God, Tao, Unmanifest

Light of the Void[2]

States of Consciousness

Consciousness exists in several states, characterized by the presence or absence of instantiated monads, and the particular stage of emanation (Arba/Sosteric).

Consciousness > Differentiated Consciousness, Emanating Consciousness, Fabric of Consciousness, Undifferentiated Consciousness


In the Taittirya Upanishad, the distinction between non-being and being.[3]


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