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Ain is the Kabbalah's term for Undifferentiated Consciousness.

Syncretic Terms

Undifferentiated Consciousness > Absolute Essence, Ain, Dhat, Govinda, Light of the Void, Nondual God, Para Brahman, Supreme Essence, Tao, The Imperishable, The Unity, Undifferentiated Godhead, Unmanifest, Wuji

Related LP Terms

Ain Soph Aur >

Non-LP Related Terms

Ain Soph Aur > Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur


Ain (or Ayin); The Fabric of Consciousness in its original state of Undifferentiated Consciousness = a state of "I"-less/ego-less bliss.
Ain Soph → The Fabric of Consciousness as it existed after the initial Intensification of Consciousness and the consequent self-realization of I, but before the initiation of emanation. Once a monad existed in The Fabric, Consciousness became differentiated.
Ain Soph Aur → The Fabric of Consciousness as it exists during the perpetual and eternal emanation/unfolding of Physical Creation. Emanating Consciousness

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