Caring Moment

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According to Jean Watson,[1] a Caring Moment is a moment of transpersonal connection, a moment where an individual (a nurse or other healing professional) manifests "transcendent aspects of being and becoming...." In other words, we connect with higher aspects of our Self (our Spiritual Ego) or higher aspect of our patient's Spiritual Ego in order to facilitate a moment of healing or caring. A caring moment arises as a consequence of a brief and weak Connection.

List of Transpersonal Nursing Terms

Caring Moment


Enhanced Affective Response > Breakthrough, Caring Moment, Dissonance, Forgiveness of Sins, Improved Relationships, Love, Moksha, Mukti, Oceanic Feeling, Spiritual Emergence

Enhanced Empathic Response > Love, Moral Quickening, Spiritual Emergence, Tolerance, Turn to the Left

List of Connection Outcomes

Connection Outcome > Connection Pathology, Déjà vu, Emotional Cleansing, Emotional Satisfaction, Enlightenment, Existential Terrors, Healing, Liberation, Perfect Connection, Perfected Connection, Perfection, Permanent Connection, Physical Sensations, Psychotic Mysticism, Realization of Self, Ritambharapragya, Spontaneous Alignment, The Unity, Transformation, Union

Related Terms

Transpersonal Nursing > Transpersonal Realm


Watson notes intentionality is important. Provides a list of seven intentions which can move a practitioner towards, in LP terms, a more connected and activated healing practice.

Watson rejects the industrial model of medicine: ". Nursing for this new era no longer can be defined by a ranking order of medical procedures and bureaucratic tasks carried out as industrial employees of hospitals/institutions, but rather by inviting concepts such as intentionality, caring consciousness, energy, spirit, and transpersonal into our frameworks.... We awaken to the fact that our jobs have been too small for the nature and needs of both those we serve and ourselves. In revisiting nursing's ultimate tasks within this expanding transpersonal view, nursing and nurses awaken to the ultimate concerns of humanity itself. In doing so, nurses become true instruments, embodied spirits of caring and healing. What emerges is a new vision of basic nursing practice that embraces caring consciousness, intentionality, and spirit-energy, both from within and from without."[2]


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