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Bliss, intense joy, and happiness are all examples of the Positive Affect that is often the outcome of a positive, powerful, Zenith Experience.

Syncretic Terms

Positive Affect > Bliss, Peak Experience


Xolani Kacela: "In my own mystical experience, the intense joy and happiness that I felt was a major component of the event. Though I was not under the influence of any stimulant, I was filled with enormous exhilaration and emotion. [1]

Alan Watts comments on the association of ecstasy/bliss with Connection Experience.

The central core of the experience seems to be the conviction, or insight, that the immediate now, whatever its nature, is the goal and fulfillment of all living. Surrounding and flowing from this insight is an emotional ecstasy, a sense of intense relief, freedom, and lightness, and often of almost unbearable love for the world...[2]

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