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A Facet of Consciousness is an essential and indivisible quality of Consciousness.

Syncretic Terms

Facet of Consciousness > Gunas

Related LP Terms

Facet of Consciousness > Fabric of Consciousness

Non-LP Related

Facet of Consciousness > Fabric of Consciousness


Facets of Consciousness (LP)

Facets of Consciousness may be broken down into three categories or phases, primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary facets of consciousness exist in the beginning. Secondary facets emerge following the Instantiation of Consciousness, in the second stage of The Unfolding. Tertiary facets (emerge following entry) emerge during the third stage (entry) of the Unfolding, with the emanation of creation.

Primary Facets[1]

  • bliss
  • awareness

Secondary Facets

  • self awareness
  • imagination (formation)
  • perspective
  • will
  • expressive force

Tertiary Facets[2] (emerge following entry)


Islam: " In Islamic theology and metaphysics a distinction is made between God in Himself, or the divine Essence (dhat), and God as He describes Himself in revelation. Thus in the Koran God calls Himself by many Names, such as the "Merciful," the "All-Knowing," the "Living," the "All-Powerful."From those Names (asma') we understand that He possesses the Attributes (sifat) of Mercy, Knowledge, Life, and Power. "[3]

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