Aryan Invasion

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"...I read about the matriarchal culture in pre-Aryan India, 3000-1500 B.C. The culture and religion was oriented around the Goddess as the dynamic force in the universe. In these Tantric teachings was a sense of integration of spirituality into life, and life in itself was perceived as sacred. There was not the typical patriarchal split between spirit and nature. This culture was largely destroyed by invasions of lighter skinned Aryans who were patriarchal tribes from the north. The Aryans slowly took over the native people and established the caste system. The word caste means color, so the caste system was a hierarchical society divided by color. The white male Brahmin priests were on the top of the ladder, and the darker-skinned native people were on the bottom."[1]

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"Nine thousand years ago in Old Europe (throughout the Balkan areas, the Mediterranean, and the Ukraine) women were the shaman rules of the agricultural city-states. Within their temples and in their fields they performed magical mind-body practices and visualized the crops healthy and plentiful. They envisioned members of their community as prosperous. The shaman women of Old Europe descended from a much older feminine tradition of sacrality that originated in the Palaolithic [sic] period, in which women systematized magic practices to secure plentiful food sources from the plant world. They created magical practices to protect women during pregnancy, and to bring their bodies into balance after childbirth. The magical practices of Old Europe were a continuum of feminine sacred tradition that was based on growth and nurturance.

The harmony of the agricultural city-states, however, was shattered after five thousand years of prosperity. Around 4500BC, hunter-warriors mobilized themselves from the Steppe plateau, and massacred the citizens of the city-states rule by the shaman-queens. They replaced a dynamic life-oriented culture and world-view with one that was militaristic and death-oriented.

Since the beginning of militaristic world dominance, c. 4500-2500 BC, militaristic governments, regardless of era, cultural designation, or outer philosophical guise, have had the same world perspective, which is that life was created on this planet for men to subdue, conquer, and when there is resistance, to destroy. The Bible was written at the transition point between matriarchal and patriarchal culture.

Regardless of the war against life that has taken place since the patriarchal coup, the heart of the primal still beats within humanity as the spiritual Source which calls to be recognized. " [2]


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